My Appointment App

This application was created as part of the Coding Dojo MEAN curriculum.

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Users can:

  • Register or log in
  • View the dashboard of other appointments
  • Add a new appointment
  • Delete their appointments
  • Search appointments

Validations include:

  • New appointments can not be in the past
  • Only three patients can see the doctor each day
  • Appointments must be between 8am and 5pm
  • A patient can only have one appointment per day
  • New appointment complaint must be at least 10 characters

This application was created using

  • Language: Javascript
  • Server: node.js
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Framework: Angular.js, Express
  • Additional node modules: Body-Parser, Mongoose.js
  • Styling: Twitter Bootstrap

Please see my Github repository to view the code.

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